Community Gardening Project

Children take part in IRMO’s community gardening project.

In 2015/16, 25 people from Angell Town and IRMO  participated in weekly gardening activities

The Lambeth State of the Borough Report states that one of the main challenges for the Angell Town area (where IRMO is located) is the health and social wellbeing of its residents. Angell Town has poor access to healthy food and lacks communal spaces where families of different and similar cultural backgrounds can meet and socialise.

IRMO’s community gardening project has now come to a close. The project was run in partnership with local organisation Progress and set out to improve integration and wellbeing by bringing local residents together to participate in healthy, outdoor activities.

“I don’t mind if the sun is shining or if it is grey and rainy, just being out of the house in this garden with these plants makes me feel so good.”

– Mario, 32, Peru

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization