Employment Rights Advice

In 2015/16, IRMO resolved 101 individual cases and ran workshops attended by 35 people.

Although Latin Americans in London are well educated and enjoy high employment rates (85%), the majority work in low-paid and low-skilled jobs. Many are employed casually or on a temporary basis, work anti-social hours, and have no entitlement to annual leave or sick pay.

IRMO’s Employment Rights Advice service seeks to make people aware of their rights as employees and to help individuals resolve disputes at work.

The main issues that IRMO deals with are non-payment of wages, absence of contracts, payment below the National Minimum Wage, non-payment of holidays/sick days, and discrimination in the workplace.

Last year, IRMO’s weekly drop in sessions helped to resolve more than 101 individual cases. To further build on this support, IRMO also runs regular workshops to share information on different aspects of employment rights.

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization