Immigration Advice

In 2019/20, IRMO supported 2,516 individuals through immigration advice and casework

With many years experience working with vulnerable Latin Americans in the UK, we have built up expertise and have extensive experience dealing with complex immigration issues. Immigration advice is nothing less than crucial to migrant communities’ integration into British society.

Our advice sessions provide assistance on a number of issues, including getting permission to work (if not granted already), bringing relatives to the country, and becoming a British citizen.

In addition to providing clear and professional advice, we also support members of our community to complete online and paper applications, such as for a visa or citizenship.

Our qualified OISC regulated advisors are highly committed to the rights of our community members, and are active in monitoring changes in the law that may affect their right to remain in the UK as well as entitlement to other rights.

Are you a trained immigration advisor or lawyer or interested in learning? We are always looking for volunteer immigration assistants as well as interpreters (Spanish/Portuguese – English) to help at our busy drop-in sessions. Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering (

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization