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In 2015/16, 62 women reported feeling more in control of their lives and better able to make informed choices

circuloIRMO set up its first women’s group in 2011, when a group of women volunteering for IRMO decided it was time to overcome the prevailing gender inequalities they were facing.

Then known as El Costurero (the sewing box), the aim was to create an open and free space where women could share their thoughts on issues that affect them such as maternity, domestic violence, female representation, as well as topics such as community empowerment.

In 2015 we were able to re-launch this important project.  The Latin American Women’s Circle (El Circulo de Mujeres Latinoamericanas) is an education, employment and empowerment project that seeks promote the economic and social development of women.

The project consists of two key activities:

Fortnightly life skills sessions: Participants are encouraged to suggest topics and play an active role in the delivery of each session. While the programme is designed to be flexible and adapt to the group’s needs, sessions are likely to involve capacity building in communication, interpersonal skills, decision making and critical thinking. The sessions also provide a safe space for women to share experiences and skills.

One-to-one mentoring sessions: provide a space to create personal development plans, based on the circumstances and needs of each woman. Through individual sessions, women will be supported to integrate into the labour market and develop a personal life project here in the UK. Through their personal plan, women will be supported and encouraged to:

• Search for work/improve their current work situation
• Access educational opportunities, training, resources and benefits
• Access information on legal and work-related issues
• Access information on the community services we provide

For more information, please contact Irene Perez, Project Manager at womenproject@irmo.org.uk. If you have experience as a mentor, coach or facilitator, why not also consider joining our volunteer team?

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