Women’s Project

In 2016/17, 35 women participated in activities as part of our Women’s Circle

circuloIRMO set up its first women’s group in 2011, when a group of women volunteering for IRMO decided it was time to overcome the prevailing gender inequalities they were facing.

Then known as El Costurero (the sewing box), the aim was to create an open and free space where women could share their thoughts on issues that affect them such as maternity, domestic violence, female representation, as well as topics such as community empowerment.

“All that I have been able to achieve has been thanks to the support of IRMO. For me, the Latin American Women’s Circle has been a point of reference, where I have always felt accompanied in the steps that I have taken to achieve my goals. Thanks to this support I have never felt alone in the face of the difficulties I am experiencing”.

In 2015, IRMO was able to relaunch this important project. In 2016/17, the Women’s Circle offered monthly individual mentoring sessions, fortnightly life skills training, workshops on specific topics and community trips. Using a participatory approach whereby women themselves suggested activities, this project allowed participants to connect with each other, build trust, share experiences, create a space for sorority and become empowered to take control of the issues affecting them.

While we are not currently running formal activities under this project, we do still run workshops and informal meet-ups with the women once a month. For information, please contact womenproject@irmo.org.uk

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