English for ALL

An English class at IRMO’s education and learning centre in Brixton

In 2016/17, IRMO provided 1,440 hours of English classes and 150 hours of conversation practise to 452 students.

IRMO strives to support the Latin American community in Britain to be self-sufficient and improve their living conditions. One of the key challenges for our users is having a sufficient level of English to participate actively in London’s fast-paced environment. Without these skills, chances of permanent employment and long-term success in the competitive labour market are severely diminished.

In 2010, IRMO launched the English For Work (E4W) project, offering free English classes to migrants with no or little knowledge of English language. The development of self-esteem and the creation of community are two of our main objectives, which are not always found in mainstream language education.

To improve our service users’ employment prospects, the E4W programme offers:

  • English Classes: Split into different levels (Pre-entry, Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate) and taught at flexible times/days (morning, evening and weekend courses), our classes are taught by volunteers who have completed a CELTA course and/or have a solid background in language teaching.
  • ESOL Computer based classes and IT workshops: These aim to help individuals to gain the necessary IT digital skills to access information, services and employment opportunities. Emphasis is placed on web browsing, using the internet safely, managing finance on line, finding jobs and accessing online services.
  • Job hunting: Through one-to-one appointments, our job hunters support individuals to write CVs and cover letters and provide general information on how to approach the job market, including through online searches and via local job centres.
  • Workshops: Talks on topics such as employability skills; welfare; money management and employment rights inform individuals about their rights and entitlements.

On completing the E4W courses run in 2016/17, 82 students went into vocational training, further education or voluntary work placements.

For more information regarding this project please call 0207 733 9977 or contact Valentina Alfano at valentina.alfano@irmo.org.uk. If you are CELTA-certified and looking for teaching experience, or want to help people to find better jobs, why not also join our volunteer team?

An English class at IRMO’s education and learning centre in Brixton

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