Our Mission

Lucia Vinzon, Director of IRMO, receiving an Award for Community Organisation of the Year from Jeremy Corbyn, May 2015
Our Vision

Our vision is a future where Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers living in the UK have equal rights, live free from poverty and discrimination, and feel empowered to pursue their aspirations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the development, agency, and participation of all Latin Americans and other Spanish and Portuguese speakers, by responding to both immediate needs and structural inequalities.

We do this by offering high quality information and advice services, opportunities for development and training, and a platform to seek social and systemic change.

Our Values

COMMITMENT: We are driven by our commitment to social justice for the Latin American and the communities we serve. We learn from our experiences and are creative in our approach to overcoming challenges. We act with care and responsibility in our delivery, being accountable for our work and services.

TRANSPARENCY: We communicate about our work and services in an open, honest and accessible way to all stakeholders.

COLLABORATION: We recognise that working together with our users, partners and funders serves to strengthen and improve our work. We value the knowledge, skills and experience of our service users, and we work together to create lasting change.

SOLIDARITY: We stand alongside all migrants and others fighting for social justice in the UK, placing ourselves within the migrant movement and valuing the strength in our collective experiences, work and unity.

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization