IRMO is 30!

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IRMO celebrates its 30 year anniversary

In 2016, IRMO  was proud to celebrate 30 years of serving the Latin American community in the UK. IRMO began life as Chile Democrático – a community organisation started by Chilean refugees who had fled Chile following the military coup there in 1976.

Chile Democrático grew out a number of projects and campaigns to provide support and cultural activities to the growing community of Latin Americans in the UK. Since then there are have been different waves of migration to the UK from Latin America, with many people fleeing violence and insecurity in the 1990s. Most recently, many Latin Americans are arriving in the UK with European passports after the financial crisis that hit southern Europe forced many on a second migration from Southern Europe to the UK.

Over the years IRMO has grown and adapted our services, projects (and our name!) to meet the changing needs of the community and we will continue to do so over the coming years.

IRMO and the Latin American Community: 30 years changing lives

To mark this anniversary, IRMO held a panel discussion of leading academics to discuss the continuing challenges faced by the Latin American community. The event, which was opened by the Mayor of Lambeth Saleha Jaffer, also celebrated the work of IRMO over the past 30 years.

Help us grow our tree of memories!

IRMO Tree of Memories
IRMO’s Tree of Memories

IRMO has always relied on the amazing generosity and commitment of our volunteers and staff who give their time and their skills, so help us record the personal stories that make IRMO what it is! We will be adding all the stories to the tree of IRMO to show our growth and development over 30 years.

Please send your stories, picture and memories of IRMO/ Chile Democrático to for them to be added to our tree.

Community fiesta

In December 2015, we celebrated 30 years of serving the community with a community fiesta attended by over 200 people. It was an opportunity for us to showcase our work including through a play on migration by the children in our Family Project. There was also music, dancing and of course traditional Latin American food!

A dance performance at IRMO’s 30th Birthday Party, December 2015



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