Step Up


In 2019/20, 42 low-paid workers were supported to access better employment opportunities

Step Up (IRMO)The Step Up project aims to tackle in-work poverty; helping low-paid workers increase their earnings and progress into better jobs.

Step Up seeks to support Latin Americans trapped in low-paid and insecure jobs. Through tailored advice and support, training sessions and work placements, IRMO seeks to build on participants’ existing skills, experience and qualifications in order to improve their employment prospects.

Support may involve helping to improve the terms and conditions within participants’ current contracts, or helping them to move into a different sector. More specifically, participants will benefit from:

  • A one-to-one advanced mentoring programme for those with professional experience or qualifications from their country of origin that are trapped in low-paid jobs in the UK. 
  • Support to acquire a professional qualification in the construction sector (particularly for those that have experience of working in this sector in their country of origin), CV writing and job-searching, as well as access to study groups. 

For more information or to enrol on one of the Step Up activities, please email If you have experience in mentoring and/or the construction sector or employment rights, why not consider joining our volunteer team

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