IRMO is proud to share a number of papers and studies on the Latin American community in the UK. Some of these have been carried out in collaboration with universities and others independently by our staff and volunteers.

IRMO’s Research

McCarthy, Helen (2016). Children out of school in Lambeth. IRMO Research Briefing.

McCarthy, Helen (2016). Latin Americans in London: Housing Situation. IRMO Research Briefing.

McCarthy, Helen (2016). Latin Americans in London: Barriers to English Language Skills. IRMO Research Briefing.

Research carried out by our trustees, staff and volunteers

Baum, Anna (2015). Migrant precarity in London: The case of Latin Americans with Spanish passports. [Master’s Thesis] SOAS.

Lola Jover Sala (2015). Diaspora groups, wellbeing and development: exploring the Latin American community in London. [Master’s Thesis].

Granada, Ana Lucila (2013). Latin Americans in London: language, integration and ethnic identity. [PhD Thesis] Aston University.

McCarthy, Helen (2012). New Europeans: Dual Citizenship and Mobility among Latin Americans. Migration Research Unit Working Paper, No 2012/11.

Lopez, Jose (2012). Effectiveness and Meaning of Low Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for Latin American Immigrants in London. [PhD Thesis] University of East London.

Research carried out in collaboration with universities and organisations

Nogueira, Maria-Joao Melo, Porteous, David & Guerreiro, Sandra (2015) The Portuguese-speaking Community in Lambeth: A Scoping Study. London, London Community Foundation.

Equality and Human Rights Commission, (2014). The Invisible Workforce: Employment Practices in the Cleaning Sector. London, Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The UK Citizenship Process: Exploring Immigrants’ Experiences is an ESRC-funded research project conducted by Leah Bassel (PI), David Bartram, Barbara Misztal, and Pierre Monforte. Read more here:

Research by our partners

Román-Velázquez, Patria & Hill, Nicola (2015). The case for London’s Latin Quarter: Retention, growth and sustainability. Latin Elephant.

McIlwaine,Cathy; Cock, Juan Camilo  & Linneker, Brian (2011) No Longer Invisible: The Latin American Community in London. Queen Mary University.

Giralt, Rosa Mas (2011) Migration, invisibility and belonging: a case study of Latin American families in the UK.[PhD Thesis] University of Leeds.

The Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK (CLAUK) has produced a number of publications focusing on access to healthcare for migrants. Read more here:

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