Volunteer Scheme

A child has her face painted by a volunteer at IRMO’s 30th Birthday Party, December 2015

In 2020/21, 79 volunteers contributed a total of 5,900 hours of community work

IRMO counts on a team of more than 50 volunteers at any one time. The time, knowledge and enthusiasm they give make it possible to run the services and projects that our users rely on.

The Volunteer Scheme was set up to provide volunteers with valuable work experience in order to step into London’s competitive job market. As well as being integral to the smooth running of our organisation, the scheme helps volunteers to develop their skills by working in a multicultural, cooperative and inspiring environment.

Owing to the wide scope of our services and projects, IRMO offers volunteers the opportunity to work in exciting and diverse roles: art facilitators, youth workers, fundraisers, advisor assistants, English teachers, translators, interpreters, receptionists, and many more…

For more information or to find a volunteer role suited to you, please email volunteer@irmo.org.uk

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organization